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It’s time to change the way we find real estate information. You’re not a little kid and you don’t want to be sitting at the kiddie table any more. Here at you have access to grown-up tools & information that my competitors would like to hang me for making available t the public! 

Why Do Some Agents Keep their Desert Ridge clients in the dark?

Here at we are deliberate about sharing all of the power and resources that we use on a daily basis as real estate agents. And this is the main reason that many competitors can’t stand us. 

 You see, the real estate industry does have a strange thinking pattern that says “if we give away the information……. the customer won’t need us”. Not all of our fellow practitioners go by this mantra, but it is a fear that controls the actions of far too many agents. And, it is the client who ends up taking the financial hit in the end.

So the difference here is that you have access to tons of free knowledge. This free information will empower you to make practical decisions about the local Desert Ridge Real Estate Market. You have access to Market Updates that will help you see exactly what people are paying for homes in the Ridge and will give you the raw numbers that you need to market your home or buy a home in the community.

In addition to market updates you will also have access to a growing library of free real estate marketing resources including marketing kits and reports that illuminate the various topics associated with selling a home. Being prepared is the name of the game, and information is the key to the art of preparation. We figure that, together, we are a team, and a team is stronger than an individual who is trying to keep all of the power to himself. 

Bottom line is that we don’t care what those agents think. If they want to try to make you sit at the kiddy-table that’s their business.  We know that our clients are more inclined to think for themselves and partner with us because we will collaborate in the process of sifting and sorting through all of the data that will impact their lives rather than keep the client in the dark.

We hope that you find our little website useful and our materials insightful. If you would like to meet with us to discuss how to buy or sell a home in Desert Ridge please just call 480-442-1344 and we will gladly chat with you about the goal you have in mind. Until then, please feel free to gather and research our site. 

Finally, please let us know how we can give you even more. If there is some type of information that you would like to see posted here please let us know. If there is a local business that you would like to tell your neighbors about let us know and we will make sure to spotlight that hard working business owner in our blog.

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