Desert Ridge Real Estate Marketing – Supercharged

by admin on February 10, 2012

Desert Ridge Real Estate Marketing
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Desert Ridge Homes With Pools:


More eyes = more offersMore Eyeballs are the key to Desert Ridge Real Estate Marketing. That doesn’t mean we want strangers casing your house; you need highly qualified, motivated Desert Ridge home seekers knowing about your home. So, how do we do it? How can you stand out among the crowd?

Here are 5 things/posts/resources that can help you with your Desert Ridge Real Estate Marketing:

  1. Keys to Marketing Desert Ridge Homes in Today’s Turbulent Real Estate Market
  2. The Lazy Desert Ridge Homeowners Guide to Selling a Home FAST
  3. How To Make Your Desert Ridge House Look Like a Model Home
  4. Sell Your Home For the Most Money in the Shortest Time Possible
  5. Desert Ridge HomeSellers Ready For Market Checklist

On top of that there are lots of things that you can do to ad some extra horsepower to your Desert Ridge Real Estate Marketing. Lock arms with your agent by using your social networks to spread the good word. If you are a FaceBooker then post your home on FB every week. Tweet t out, and ask your friends to jump on board too. Ask everyone you know to share the links that you post with anyone who might know someone who could be interested in your home.

This is just a start. If you would like a private consultation to discuss how I can sell your home faster and for more money please just dial me up at 480-442-1344 or by email at

Take a look at all of the Desert Ridge Homes and check out the recent Desert Ridge Real Estate Sales. Serious about selling your home? Download any my Marketing Resources free of charge; it’s my way of sharing valuable knowledge with you that will help you fetch more dollars at the closing table. If you’d like to connect via twitter you can find me at @JohninPhoenix.


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