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Phoenix Desert Ridge  is dedicated to bringing all of the necessary resources together that illuminate living in this beautiful North Phoenix community. Here, you’ll find out What Phoenix Desert Ridge is all about. With several thousand homes and hundreds of businesses serving local residents it is almost like a small city in itself, and that is a great reason to have a website that brings all things Desert Ridge into one central hub. 

Blog: Make sure to bookmark Our blog where interesting content about the Ridge area here. Everything from interesting stories about area to the community events will be posted here.  

*All of our blog content is categorized and tagged so that finding what you are looking for will not require a-lot of sifting and sorting.

Home Search: Nothing fancy-schmancy here, just the available Current Listings in popular categories like “homes with pools, and “homes under $300K”. High def photographs and a full quiver of real estate info make Phoenix Desert Ridge  the smartest place to stay on top of the local market.

Market Updates: You can count on Market Updates for up-to-date information about the community real estate market. If you are ready to buy or sell in Desert Ridge this powerfull resource can save you thousands of dollars.

Marketing your home for sale: Know before you hire. Get our FREE Pre-Listing Packet. Weather you plan on selling as a for sale by owner or hiring a professional this comprehensive data outlines the modern tools that can fast track the sale of your home for the highest possible price in the fewest number of days. This  tool will help you be prepared to compete to the buyers wanting to live in this lovely community.

Desert Ridge Short Sales: Swallowing the stigma attached to a short sale is never seems easy for anyone, and knowing the ups and downs of this decision and how they will impact your individual circumstances is the key to knowing you are right verses thinking you might be making a horrible decision. Make sure to read about Desert Ridge Short Sales so that you are informed.


About John Cunningham:



John-C-Photo-2_320-x-427I’m John Cunningham. Thanks for taking a look at my About page and showing interest in me. I would like to tell you a little about me and what makes me tick.

I am 53 years old and am married to Shawn and, together, we are raising our daughter Kylee. We adopted Kylee when I was 44 years old, so people probably think I’m Kylee’s grandfather. Shawn and I are best friends, are enjoying being parents and love watching Kylee grow.

Real estate career

I became a real estate agent 10 years ago and have sold over 500 homes during my career. I sold homes for national and local home-builders for 7 years and worked in the home building and contracting industry prior to my decision to become a full time agent. Today I help family, friends, and referred clients buy and sell homes in metropolitan Phoenix.


I love the outdoors, and if I could flyfish every day I just might do it. I also enjoy tying my own flies to ad a little extra creativity to my time in the outdoors. I enjoy reading, blogging, friendship, and sports of all kinds.

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