Short Sale

Do my Own Desrt Ridge Short SaleAnd, Would you perform your own open heart surgery?

Of course not. So why do so many people throw their house on the market as another one of the Phoenix Short Sales without seeking some advice from professionals? The bottom line is that these decisions are made to eliminate pain and that is sometimes done swiftly so that the pain not only goes away, but goes away fast. Before you reach for that bottle of “just take away the pain asap medication” keep coming back to Our Short Sale Page for Free ideas that may just help you make a better decision.

The results of this quick pain relief can be long lasting for some and like a wrecking ball for others. Why, because one size definitely does not fit all. In fact every situation is vastly different and every person is impacted by varying degrees of exposure to a multitude of problems and relief from all the choices they make. This is why Quick and Easy is not the best remedy for this decision.

New Ideas for Upside-down Homeowners

Draw a line in the Sand

Star by making a decision to give yourself some time to make this decision. Fast usually equals bad results when taking critical steps in the wrong direction in the name of getting things done now. Likewise, a deadline is just as important as taking your time because you don’t want to let too much time lapse without learning what you need to know.

Hang Up on the Real Estate Agents……Until Later


If your head is still spinning you don’t need a real estate agent yet, and if you are over 90 days late on your mortgage chances are that every agent in town knows it, so the phone is ringing, the mail-box is crammed with agent ads, and some may even darkening your door-step. Right now you need to seek wise counsel so that you are capable of making the best decision for your household.

The time will come when you need the advice of a great real estate agent, and you, like me, know that a qualified professional agent like myself is going to be a key member of your team if you do decide to short sell your home. For now you will be better served by talking with a CPA, attorney, credit expert and people who care about you. Without the open dialogue from each of these you would be throwing darts in the dark by making a decision to make any moves (including making a payment on a home you are seriously under water on).

Now Making the Short Sale decision can be “Duck Soup” for you!

There is no reason to make a blatant mistake about foreclosure options. If you are facing this real possibility best thing you can do right now is listen to your panel of experts. If you need help finding a team that won’t leave you broke and is equipped to speak with authority on these matters we can help you find the right match. You can email us at and call us at 480-442-1344.

In the mean-time continue to see our growing library of short sale content.

Maybe you are upside down on your Desert Ridge home. If that is the case you have probably been through the emotional ringer big time. Facing the ups and downs of a Phoenix foreclosures and Phoenix Short Sales is enough to send an otherwise sane person over the edge. The key is to remember that facing the fear straight on by gathering information will cause the fear to shrink to a manageable level that you and your team can handle, I promise. In the mean-time keep coming back to for the latest information.

If you’re in the hunt for a good deal and have the stomach to deal with the ups and downs of a short sale transaction then you should check out our Phoenix short sale Homes for Sale. You might also want to take a quick look at the valley wide Bank Owned Home Search.


Phoenix Desert Ridge Short Sales:

               Welcome to, a website dedicated to bringing valuable information to those interested in the community. Whether you currently live here, or are thinking of buying a home in Desert Ridge, this site will serve you well. Some of the highlights are the weekly market updates where we talk about the previous week’s home sales and the prices of the homes sold. We also touch on the number of active listings, pending sales, and new listings to the community. We have a dozen or so home searches that are prebuilt that sort by price and feature so that if you are interested in locating a home in Desert Ridge this is a great resource to you. We have short sale information and marketing resources that are downloadable, and we also have a very active blog on this site.

               I am agent John Cunningham with Coldwell Banker. This week we are going to be talking about short sales as they pertain to Desert Ridge. Let’s get a history of home values in Desert Ridge from the height of the market in 2006 where homes averaged at $521,000, as compared to today in late 2011 where they are valued at approximately $314,000. That is a difference of 40%. So the question is, when did you buy? Was it prior to 2003? Was it after 2008? If so you are probably ok. But if you bought between 2003 and 2008 then the chances are that you are upside down on your house. So now you have got to make the right decision. You have to expose the elephant, you got to face the music and decide what you are going to do about it. In order to do that you have to explore your options and gather Intel to combat the enemy.

               So facing the facts, exposing the elephant. After you find out what current values are, you have to ask yourself: Can you afford to wait any longer? So, talk to your family members. They are going to be the most critical council that you seek, after all they are the ones it is going to affect the most. Next, talk   to a real estate attorney, preferably one that specializes in distressed property.  Talk to your accountant, talk to a credit expert, and talk to a Real Estate agent who can help you gather information about current values in the community.

               Now you have some options to consider. One is strategic default, that is code for allow the home to foreclose. You could consider a loan modification, a Deed in Lieu, or a short sale. A lot of times short sale is going to be the best option for many, but not all. The benefits to a short sale can be you might be able to sleep again, you will be able to get that monkey off your back, you will be able to move on, and you will be able to buy again sooner than if you were to allow the home to foreclose.

               So let’s plan your goals now. Make some appointments for your team members, call for help, get information. You can download our short sale e-book at, and you can reach us at as well as by phone at 480-442-1344. Thank you for watching the presentation and we look forward to helping you.